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John Frazier and David Daniels have led solo careers in gospel music, served on staff at churches, and participated in mission trips for several years. They have now come together to form WWJD (Worship with John & David), a music ministry that's committed to share the gospel through music no matter the venue. Taking it from the pews to the streets! For seven years, John and David led "Worship Under the Bridge" at the Louisiana Boardwalk. With recent relocation they've not been there as often. They are available for a wide range of ministry events such as Revivals, Youth Events, Homecomings, or just a regualrly scheduled church service. If your church is looking for a traditional or contemporary worship experience John and David can certainly do either for you and your church family.


"God is so amazing and I stand in awe! Tonight we were at the Boardwalk and we were drawn to these two guys singing Christian songs! I noticed a sweet lady weeping which turned into sobbing!  Then I see this lady from across the way go over to comfort her! I walked over to them both and asked if I could join them. Before I knew it the Holy Ghost was all over the three of us! The victory was won! She prayed and accepted Jesus! It was the most powerful experience ever! God took her broken spirit and made her a strong powerful woman tonight! GO JESUS!!!!"  - Shelly Poston - Keithville, La

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