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More about me
Being involved in music since he was six, John has had a life-long passion for spreading the Gospel through song. Combining the soulful sounds of his saxophone with the soothing soul of his voice, John creates a memorable worship experience for any listener. While this biography portrays his passion for ministry, John will most certainly bring your wedding to life with the same enthusiasm!

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, John was raised in a somewhat musical family. His father Jeff, being a saxophonist himself, brought him up under the influence of many great musicians. Through lots of practicing John perfected his craft as a saxophonist making the instrument an extension of his very being. 


"It lets me speak in ways that words can't. When I'm sad, I play. When I'm happy, I play! When I'm angry, I play! When I'm afraid, I play! Music is medicine for all the emotions that can't be explained. When I don't know how to pray, I play! The music I play provides me the opportunity to pray with no words."


Now located in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas, John serves at the Service Director for National Park Chrysler during the day. He attends Hot Springs Baptist Church and participates in the orchestra.


Inspired by Jazz and Christian genres, John's goal is to bring honor and glory to God through music. He's a gifted vocalist and saxophonist. Combined, John creates a memorable worship experience. "I love to sing and I love playing my saxophone. More importantly I love sharing God and what He's done for me through music."



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